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i movie Bangla Dubbing free download link | i movie free online watch

i movie Bangla Dubbing  free  download link | i movie free online watch
Lingesan, a successful model, falls in love with his co-model Diya and the two decide to marry. However, their happiness is short-lived as he starts suffering from physical deformities.
Release date: January 14, 2015 (India)
Director: S. Shankar
Music composed by: A. R. Rahman
Distributed by: AA Films
Budget: ₹100 crore
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 Let me be honest.  The expectation for “I” movie has been very high ever since the songs and trailer were released almost 6 months back.  And the fact that there is this Shankar/Vikram/Rahman combination added fuel to it.  My expectation of the story was something on the lines of parallel universe, particularly the way, they stitched the scenes in the trailers.

Secondly, as a director, when you set a benchmark with your movies, its hard to meet the expectation, let alone setting new benchmarks.  Shankar is facing an identity crisis.  He has tried every trick in his hat to ensure that the movie lives up to the expectation but missed the foothold of his earlier movies – the story and its social message.

Spoiler Alert!

Hero Vikram is a shy body builder who fantasizes Amy Jackson but couldn’t believe his luck when he wins Mr.Madras and also gets to do modelling assignments alongside Amy.  They both fall for each other eventually, love blossoms and everything is rosy. Those who are envious of his success/principles hatch a plot to deprive him of his looks that is critical for his profession.  In a twist of turn, a deformed Vikram learns of this conspiracy and avenges the quint in his own style.  In simple words, it’s a story of hero loves heroine, seeks revenge for misdeeds done to him and everything ends happily ever after.  A tale beaten to death.

i movie Bangla Dubbing  free  download link | i movie free online watch

What stands out in “I” is Vikram’s effort.  The amount of body transformation he has undergone to sport the various looks in the movie is simply amazing. Be it the macho champion or the charismatic model or the ugly hunchback (notwithstanding the beast look in the “Ennodu Nee irundal” song).  I think after Kamal Hassan, Vikram experiments a lot in his looks to suit the role.

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The hunchback look is partially inspired by the charater Ephialtes from the movie 300.  The hunchback plot also seems to be partially influenced by the “Hunchback of Notra dame”.  Shankar’s fantasy with Hollywood movies/novels continues into “I” (the crux of “Robot” or “Enthiran” was inspired from “I, Robot” and the entire story of “Anniyan” or “Aparichit” is from the Sidney Sheldon novel “Tell me your dreams”)

Santhanam has his usual one-liners and the standup comedy type dialogues mostly demeaning/defaming the look of others (he needs to come out of this genre if he has to move to the next level)

Amy Jackson fits the role of a model perfectly.  I am glad they did not chose someone like Nayantara or Sneha to perform this role.  She has very less scope for acting but has performed reasonably well.

Upen Patel has done a decent job.  He must have realized that, acting in Kollywood demands more than looks/sleazy scenes.  Suresh Gopi is at his usual calm.  But one can realize that he can be the dark horse if one closely notices his mannerisms.

Shankar’s little intelligent moments flash before us in certain scenes.

When Amy loses the chance to model opposite Upen after she declines his advances, she finds herself being replaced by another model and the director shouts lights off, darkening the environment, around her.

The subtle messaging of how beauty is a driving force in the world of fashion depicted by the Beauty and the Beast themed song which is otherwise a no context fill in.

Honey bees sucking off the business magnet’s blood similar to how he sucks money from the common man.

So do the Shankar clich├ęs flash before us,

Like the abduction of Amy by Vikram unnoticed by anyone despite him being a hunchback facing much difficulty to even walk properly.

Hero being a super hero to have so many things to fall in place until the last moment to avenge some of the villains.

The movie is a conglomerate of scenes from Gentleman, Indian, Aboorva Sagotharargal, Om Shanti Om.

i movie Bangla Dubbing  free  download link | i movie free online watch

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Shankar’s movies have a social message woven around the subject, something for which, I respected him a lot (except for Kaadhalan which is a forgettable movie for everyone despite a great music album by Rahman)

While there are subtle messages in the movie, the main theme revolves around “I”.  In the movie, they show the human immune virus as “I” but the name is a metaphor for the characters’ mindset.


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